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My Future Love

Flykten till framtiden
My Future Love

Flykten till framtiden

Stockholm, 1973. Svante has an incurable heart disease.. One night, a strange subway train appears from nothing and takes him to 2016. . In the future he meets Elsa. Together they must solve Svante's health problem and figure out how to live together although they come from two different eras.

Director: Ulf Malmros, Jaana Fomin
Script: Ulf Malmros
Stars: Henrik Dorsin, Johan Ulveson, Ia Langhammer, Peter Carlberg, Malin Persson, Eric Ericson, Anna Bjelkerud, Johan Hedenberg, Jimmy Lindström, Christoffer Nordenrot, Jacob Nordenson, Bengt Braskered, Oskar Thunberg, Jakob Setterberg, Sandra Huldt, Joel Kullberg
Subtitles: Czech subtitles convenient also for hearing impaired, colored
Genres: drama
Orgin: Sweden
Premiere: 2016
Photo source: Filmivast