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Queen Without Land

Dronning uten land
Queens Without Land

An epic journey that reveals the struggle of a polar bear mother and her cubs as the ice melts under their paws. This is an unpretentious and sensitive film on the meeting between Frost, a beautiful polar bear mother and a Norwegian wildlife filmmaker. It is a five-year journey since their first encounter in 2013 at her arctic home in Svalbard.

Length: 70 min
Subtitles: Czech subtitles convenient also for hearing impaired, colored
Genres: document
Orgin: Norway
Premiere: 2018
Festival participation: Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2019, Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival 2018, Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2018, Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival 2018, The Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2020, Ulju Mountain Film Festival 2019
Photo source: Arctic Light AS