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Denmark ´92

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Denmark ´92
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In 1992, the Danish national football team had failed to qualify for the European Championship in Sweden. The players were already on holiday when they were called up in their summer residences with a surprising message: Yugoslavia was disqualified because of the war, and the Danes were set to replace them. The rest is history: Denmark went on to surprise the experts and upset the odds by winning the tournament, beating the reigning European and World Champions in the process.

Length: 93 min
Subtitles: Czech subtitles convenient also for hearing impaired, colored
Genres: drama, comedy, sports
Orgin: Denmark
Premiere: 2015
Awards: Cena Robert za nejlepší mužský herecký výkon - Ulrich Thomsen
Festival participation: Berlinale 2016, Göteborg International Film Festival 2016, Robert Festival 2016, Seattle International Film Festival 2016, Beijing International Film Festival 2016, Shanghai International Film Festival 2016, Ystad "Scalas Vänner" 2016, Yixing Film Festival
Photo source: Det Danske Filminstitut