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Min så kallade pappa

Můj takzvaný otec
My So Called Father

Pregnant Malin have no where to go, when her boyfriend breaks broke up with her. Her last hope lies with her father Martin, whom she never met. But it turns out he's an arrogant and self-centered actor. While Malin tells him who she is, Martin gets a stroke. When he wakes up, he does not remember anything ... And not at all that he has never seen his daughter. Malin will see the opportunity to get a father she never had. She teaches Martin how to live life, and he's going to make a happy child together.As a last resort she seeks up her father Martin, even tho they never met. But then before Malin get to tell who she is. Martin gets a stroke and when he wake up he dont remember who he is.

Photo source: Bob Film Sweden AB